Thursday, September 07, 2006

Today, We Celebrate Our Independence's Day

So, hell yea. Went to the padang around 11pm and damn keng man. So jam pack. Went few rounds around the outskirt of the padang as there were road blocks. Then manage to park car in front the summer house, which is near the museum, in front of rtm where there exist a damn big screen which was showing whats happening at the padang live. Darn lucky those foreigners or locals who are staying at Merdeka Palace as they could get birds eye view of the event if they are lucky to get a room facing the Merdeka square.

After the strike of 12am, all hell broke lose. Horns blaring and people shouting merdeka even before the Prime Minister could say Merdeka officially. Radio blaring that the Malaysian Flag is brought over from Terengganu, where the Merdeka Party was held last year. When the flag went up, choir group comprising of 200 Unimas student sang, which I think they shouted as the place was darn big, sang the Negaraku. Before that, the Prime Misnister (I'll just call him Pak Lah as thats his nick name) shouted Merdeka 7 times which sounded like he is darn tired and has no spirit in it. So weak. Even my little cousin who's only 3 yrs old can shout better than that. Anyway, fireworks started balsting the hell out of the sky for about 20 ti 30 mins or more. There goes out "rampas" firework during their operation weeks before Chinese New Year, XD, or that what I think it is. Anyway, enjoyed the view beofer getting stuck in a 40 mins jam. Stuck for 20 mins without moving.

Now, after bath, type this blog and let you guys hwo hasn't went down there to enjoy the Merdeka Spirit. Kinda fun. Wonder what will happen when US tourist sees tanks and military personals rolling down the street. XD

Sorry for the late post as I copy paste it here from my other blog. XD

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