Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The End is Near

Uni's going to kick start again soon, very soon. Haven't been doing much for the past weeks. Owh well. Least my brain has already been kicked into study mode weeks back due to a supplementary paper resit. Pray I'll pass that.

Cloud using Phoenix Down on his ally, while fighting Reno from Shin-Ra.

Been helping out the gangs at Boulevard for the CosVention which was quite successful. Met one KL friend who came back, Uepu.

Wasn't expecting much either since it was a first in East Malaysia, aside from Sabah I guess. Everything was kind of wrong. They were repeating Yui's song to the extend of me getting sick of my own favourite singer@songwriter. Should have a mix. And people singing Chinese song. So much for an Anime/Manga Con. We need more Jrock or Jpop.

Was surprise to see the amount of people who were actually interested in cosplay turned up, aside from the usual gang of people I know of. Think should really stir the interest here. Lots of people are interested in it, aside from people who really poke on it and being a pessimist about it.

One rarely get to see this stuff up close as it is quite a rare sight in Kuching. And not many people know how to get it. Even people come and ask if we were even selling this stuff which was only on display.

Heck, even those older than us were also involve in cosplaying, to the extend of bleaching and dying their hair like this dude here. Kudos to him for doing so.

Owh well. Enough for me.

For those in Kuching, and are interested in this stuff like cosplay and anime/manga related culture, there will be an similar event on the:

tHe Spring Mall
15th August 2009
No idea what time yet.

Sarawak Plaza
16th August 2009
I heard was somewhere in the afternoon.

Shopping malls now are really interested in doing this stuff since it really drag in the crowds. But heck, using it as a promotional tool to get business, we'll use it as an opportunity to spread the culture and awareness to the members of the public, aside from more Chinese songs.....

=\ Enough rants. Best get some shut eye. Ciaos.


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