Monday, March 02, 2009

Another Beginning

Uni has started and wasn't so eventful. Managed to catch up with some old friends who were back and running around attending lectures and classes (wait, on a first week? Oh well.)

Weather was fine before that, then it just poured. Not that I'm complaining but hot weather couple with a crazy rain (Hey, welcome to Kuching) which never lasted for an hour (usually it does) and you get a very humid and wet air.

Bah, rained and stopped. What the... ( ̄へ ̄)

After attending lectures, I reluctantly went home cause lecture was cut short due to a PC-less tutorial class. Besides, the lecturer has already prepared the stuff on slides, so wasted some time talking crap and stuff with the lecturer instead.

Home, this is how the weather was.

Around 30 mins or so later.


The holidays have been fun, minus the boring part of doing nothing for days on end. Entertained myself on animes and music and my NDS games (Chrono Trigger is nice, so is Zelda and FF4 but all is near its end and I didn't want to finish them).

Had a few outings

A few gathering with a bunch of people

Some nice shots

And lovely mother nature doing her thing she's good at

Some boring outings also not to mention

And not so-much-fun Chinese New Year also. Feels like some other day.

Missing KL, or more precisely, Selangor

Drinking with my cousin

And the fun I had with my cousins

What a life.

PS: I noticed I haven't updated my sidebar. Owh well.


rollakid said...

Light shot I like :D

Tripod with braces XD

サテッリアキッド said...

Aha. Slow sync + handheld manual flash fire with Olympus and Canon flash.

pew pew~

cyw said...

Without my olympus you won't get that xP

サテッリアキッド said...

Owh. I though it was something else. Ahaha. Thanks for your oly~